Sunday, 17 February 2008

Lord of the Reedy River part 6

Anyway, here is part 6 of this epic story folks!

Suddenly the Tasmerleptil’s sensitive hearing picks up the sound of murmering from the bushes:
“We are being observed!”
The Sheriff draws his sword:
“After them you dogs!”
The Doctor shouts ‘run’ and everyone flees, while Robin and the merry men fire volleys of arrows into the Sheriff’s oafish vassals.

Back at the camp, Ben is enjoying a goblet of mead with Alan-a-Dale and Will Scarlett while they all decide what to do next. Kyle is being shown how to hold a bow by Little John.
“We must convince the Tasmerleptil that the earth is too difficult a place to try and conquer” the Doctor points out.
“Why not just kill it?” asks Robin:
“I could hide in the bushes and send an arrow through its eye”.
The Doctor is unconvinced:
“That will just bring the rest of them straight here. No we must be more cunning and subtle.”
“How about if we destroy its ship, convincing it that we have the technology to be more than a walkover in any invasion?” Ben suggests. The Doctor jumps up:
“Of Course! Excellent thinking Ben.

They decide to rest until morning, Ben enjoying a nightcap of mead and gazing lovingly at Robin, who has Marion entwined in his arms:
“He’s gorgeous. Wasted on her” he says mournfully.Donna smiles:
“Never mind Ben. I’m sure you won’t be single too long, a nice looking lad like you.”
“True enough” Ben replies.
“However that doesn’t help me tonight.”
Donna gazes into his dark, ocean-deep eyes:
“You could always come over here Ben *winks* and let me comfort you.”Ben is disconcerted:
“I don’t think that would be a good idea. I presume you aren’t getting any?”
“I’m a single woman. I was badly let down by a guy around the time I first met the Doctor. During the Racnoss affair. Ben? Ben?”Ben has fallen asleep.

Next day they are all up with the lark, Ben & Kyle joining the merry men for a skinny-dipping wash in the river, the water rippling against Ben’s smooth torso in the shimmering morning light. Meanwhile the Doctor and Donna are left at camp with Friar Tuck who is cooking breakfast over the fire, eggs sizzling in a large pan.
“Hey that’s a neat frier you’ve got friar” the Doctor quips *canned audience laughter*
Suddenly a large furry creature shoots out from the undergrowth, like a cross between a stoat and a bear. Donna screams as it pounces on the Doctor, teeth slavering……

……. To be continued.

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