Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lord of the Reedy River: Part 8 : the CONCLUSION!

Anyway, here is the climax folks - the final part of this classic story:

Part 8

Kyle falls back into the ship after being blasted with the Tasmerleptil's laser gun, with only seconds to go before the bomb explodes.
"Looks like he's a gonner" Much observes.
"Oh no, Kyle" Ben shouts, "Cover me" he shouts across to Robin.
Ben shoots forward and into the ship while Robin and Little John fire volleys of their swishy arrows at the Tasmerleptil & Sheriff who run into the bushes.
"They're both gonners now" Much whispers to Will.
After a tense few seconds, Ben emerges from the ship, carrying an injured Kyle as fast as he can. As he staggers away into the grass the ship explodes behind him, flinging him to the ground. Kyle is moaning, stunned.
"Its ok Kyle, its ok. You did it" Ben exclaims, grasping his injured friend in his arms.

Emerging out of the bushes, the alien is insenced by the sight of his burning ship:
"This infernal planet is neither ready nor worthy of our attention."
"But what about our deal?" The Sheriff exclaims:
"Ha, do you think that matters?" The alien spits out. The Tasmerleptil then presses the button on his automatic wristband signal device. In the alien mothership the transporter room recieves the signal and beams the creature back on board. Shortly afterwards, the ship leaves the earth's orbit and shoots out into space.

Back at camp, The Doctor and Donna are being treated to a massive outlaw feast of roast wild boar and homemade bread. Much plays on a stolen lute .
"I could get used to this" Donna says: "well apart from the accomodation."
"And the leprosy" the Doctor chips in, "Never forget the leprosy."
They grin at each other and clink goblets of mead.
Meanwhile Ben is tending to Kyle who is recovering from being stunned by the gun:
"Look Kyle... this is hard for me to say but.. well I know I haven't really shown much appreciation for what you've done and I just want to say that you were brilliant today , risking your life like that. And.... well I like having you around."
"Thanks Ben" Kyle replies weakly.
The Doctor stands up and addresses the group:
"I'd just like to thank Ben for saving the earth with his idea of blowing up the ship. To Ben!" (He raises his goblet)
"Er I think you ought to include Kyle in this" Ben exclaims:
"Ok, to Ben and Kyle"
"To Ben and Kyle" the others shout, raising their goblets and rams-horn cups.


Kyle will be returned to Cambridge to recover folks however:

The Doctor,




Katie Ryan

will return soon in:



Johnstone said...

No comments Spara, that's rare. I would like to say that on the whole this has been an improvement on previous works. However it could be better. There are some poorly conceived characters in there. Donna doesn't do enough. Chatham has too much as ever. Can I suggest that in the next story you use less of Ben and Katie (who I beleive is returning) and use more of Donna. I do hope that one day you do actually end up writing a Chathamless story because I beleive that you'd be respected more as a writer if you got rid of the character and other characters associated with him.

Thanks for giving me an overall good read, like I said earlier I prefered this to other Chatham stories, this is because it has the Doctor and Donna in, you write better when using these characters.

And a final note, stop calling your stories "classic" just poist the story and let people judge for themselves. Radiohead did this with their latest album "Hail to the theif" they bigged it up, made it sound like the dogs bollocks but when it was released it was a bit of a letdown.

I hope you appriciate this advice.


sparacus said...


Thanks for this constructive criticism, I will try to take these points on board.