Sunday, 13 April 2008

The need to replace Murray Gold

It has to be said that this new 'beefed up' Doctor Who theme is the worst yet, even the late 80s McCoy era version wasn't quite as bad. Unsubtle , stomping McMusic. Its time to replace Gold with someone who understands electronic music and how to deliver atmosphere via uncluttered synths. I recommend Gary Numan or David Sylvian.


Bernie Fishnotes said...

That would be a virus then!

Bernie Fishnotes said...

And now my comment makes no sense!

Youth of Australia said...

"McMusic" is your new buzzword.

A pity it is total drivel.

The fact is, Spara, your music tastes are shite. In fact, your constantly Bowiephilia has put myself - and about four other people I could name - right off the Nazi-idolizing guitar-raping lollypop-suing git.

The theme music was agreed to by THE WHOLE PRODUCTION TEAM. One bitchy comment that it's "unsubtle" on your blog does not carry equal or greater weight.

No one is going to replace Murrary Gold on your say so.

In the mean time, do yourself a favor. Turn DOWN the fucking volume when the music is on. It's not like you're too wasted on absinthe to notice when the episode is starting or ending to do it, is it?

Is it?

And STOP calling posts "the need to do what I say so". Not once has ANY topic you have EVER raised under that title come to pass. The Need for Adam Rickitt, more seriousness, less Chavs...

ACCEPT you have no power over the production, you loser.

sparacus said...

My point is that the music needs to be more interesting and less bombastic. I suggest you listen to David Sylvian's 'Camphor' for the kind of stuff I have in mind.

Youth of Australia said...

The music doesn't NEED anything.

Stop thinking that just because YOU don't like something it is automatically wrong and must be replaced with whatever crap YOU listen to as you jack off to repeats of Corrie.