Wednesday, 16 April 2008

"CRYSTAL: Part 7"

"CRYSTAL: Part 7


The spider claws at Ben’s silky smooth cheeks however he manages to throw it off just as Kyle unpicks the lock:
“Well done Kyle, lets get out of here” Ben shouts, as they rush out of the door and up the stairs. Resting in the corridor, Ben gets out his small face-mirror and examines himself.
“Thankfully this is only a very slight scratch, but that was too close for comfort.”
Katie puts her arm on his shoulder:
“You’re still beautiful Ben.”
They set out to find their way out of the complex, however as they turn a corner they see a red light glowing and hear Hendridge’s voice coming from a nearby room:
“It is happening. The final liberation is at hand. Soon my mistress will rule the world, ha ha ha ha ha………”


Meanwhile, in Wales, the Doctor and Donna rouse round to see the red crystal glowing. Mayne points to a large plasma tv screen in the wall:
“See Doctor, the power of the crystals is giving knowledge to the animals of the earth.”
“Soon they will be free” the spider queen adds.
On the screen, the Doctor sees CCTV images of packs of dogs rampaging through urban streets attacking people, biting into throats and farm animals trampling people in market towns. In one scene a horse is kicking a woman to death against a wall while in another a swarm of bees is hovering over bodies in a supermarket.”
“Stop this now” Donna shouts angrily, however Mayne laughs at her.
“Oh shut up you vulgar mare.”
Donna lunges at him, throwing him to the ground, however she is quickly restrained by two of his men.


Ben, Katie, and Nikki have managed to sneak out of the building and into the grounds. They are shortly followed by Kyle, who slipped back into the rehab centre to fetch his mum. Katie is irritated:
“That was stupid Ben letting him go back in and get her. It risked compromising our entire escape.”
Ben looks thoughtful:
“Well there isn’t much we can do about this on our own. I’ve contacted UNIT and they should be arriving soon. I suggest that we go and find a pub or something while we wait”.
As they are leaving though, an expensive sports car pulls up alongside them. It is Anselm.
“Ben, look I just had to see you after our talk on the phone. Look, one is sorry for some of what one said, not all of it mind you.”
Later, in the pub, Ben has bought a round of drinks and sips his brandy.
“Look Nikki, I just want to say that from now on I promise to keep in touch.”
Nikki smiles:“Thanks Ben.”
Anselm pulls Ben’s jacket arm:“Can we go and sit on our own please. I have things to discuss regarding our relationship that I don’t want these people to overhear.”
Suddenly the door of the pub bursts open and Hendridge arrives with a group of armed men:
“You will come with us. I can see that it was a mistake not to simply shoot you. That will be rectified……..”

………. To be continued.

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