Saturday, 5 April 2008

"CRYSTAL" Part 5

OK folks, on a Doctor Who packed day, here is the next part of 'Crystal':

"CRYSTAL": Part 5


In the refectory, Ben has finished off the bottle of wine and started another.
"Don't you think you'd better go easy on that?" Katie remarks.
"Why should I? I've had a shock."
The door opens and Ben's sister walks in and comes over.
"Hi Ben.... look its good to see you... can we talk?"
"Er why?" Ben replies, sullen.Kyle gestures to Katie:
"Lets you and I have a shufty around like, see if we can find out anything."
Katie gets the hint and she and Kyle get up and leave the others to talk."
What do you want Nicola? I see you've finally sunk to the level of needing rehab."
"Don't be like that Ben. Its good to see you, its been a long time. Why didn't you reply to my letters?"
"Are you serious? After all the rows and the hassle you caused its hardly surprising."
Nicola looks dejected:
"I suppose mum and dad feel the same then? You did pass on my letters to them?"
"You included letters to them? Actually I binned anything from you when I recognised the writing without opening it so no."
Nicola is hurt:
"Ben that was ****ing nasty . I sent the letters to the folks via you because of how we left things. Thought they'd be more responsive if you passed them over."
Ben knocks back another glass of wine:
"Responsive? They were always responsive where you were concerned. Nicola this, Nicola that , always worrying about you. Meanwhile I was the invisible boy. Just there while mum and dad spent all their time worrying about your problems."


Meanwhile, The Doctor and Donna are led into the Welsh Cedars retreat by the robed figures. They are led into a hall where a group of people are sitting before an altar and a giant cross, mumbling prayers. The man leading to session approaches:
"Ah Doctor, welcome. We've been expecting you. My name is Dalton Mayne. Please, would you like to come and pray with us."
The Doctor frowns:
"Er nah. I think I'll give that one a miss. Now what the hell is going on?"
"Oh Doctor, there is no need to use that word in here. We are a deeply religious organisation devoted to helping these poor people overcome their self-destruction and addictions."
"While all the time using some unseen force to turn animals into killing machines?"
Mayne looks hurt:
"Oh come now Doctor, I wouldn't put it like that."
"When how would you put it then?" Donna asks.Mayne smiles:
"Let me explain. Pick up any newspaper and what to you see? A world increasingly filled with vice, addictions and violence. Violent crime out of control, pornography at the click of a computer mouse, drugs in schools and the churches empty. We truely are living in the last days, and the Rapture is coming."
"What's the Rapture?" Donna asks.
"When the true believers will be taken from this earth to leave only the ungodly. Then there will follow years of war and destruction before the Lord will return to establish his Kingdom on earth. The Lord has spoken to us. Those animals were doing Christ's work, the people they killed are right now sitting in heaven at God's right hand side."
The Doctor grins:"*whispering to Donna* Barking." He turns to Mayne:
"Oh I think I can work this out. Bunch of mad fundamentalists presumably with massive amounts of cash provided by wealthy Americans have taken it upon themselves to speed up the Rapture by turning animals into 'agents of the Lord' killing the saved so that they can go to heaven. Presumably the end plan is for you lot to kill yourselves and join them. One problem though; you lot can't possibly have the technology to control animals in that way."
Mayne smiles:"Oh but the Lord provided it. Come, let me show you........"


Nikki places her hand over Ben's:
"I'm sorry I made you feel like that Ben. You're my little brother and I've missed you. You've grown up , but I still recognised you, same look in the eyes, same blonde hair that you had as I child. Well that and the fact that I've seen your pic in the papers. You're quite a celebrity among certain circles."
Ben frowns:"I fight alien threats to earth. Hardly being a celebrity. I despise shallow celebrity culture."
"Since you burned the letters, I suppose you don't know that you're an uncle?"
"You've got children?"
"One child. A son named Craig. He's 15." Nikki replies:
"Hang on, if he's 15 he must have been born just after you left."
"Well yes. I knew how mum and dad felt about unmarried mothers and couldn't go to them. I did write and tell them all about him, and sent pictures."
Ben pours another glass of wine:"Which I destroyed."
"I just assumed that none of you wanted to know."
"Who was the father or dare I ask?"
"Just a boy I knew. Kevin. He didn't want to know ."
"Well the name Kevin says it all" Ben replies, smiling for the first time, "look I'm sorry I destroyed the letters.".


Mayne leads the Doctor and Donna downstairs to a crypt-like underground room. There is a stone table with a glass cylinder resting on it. Inside the cylinder is a red crystal.
"Behold, the Lord's crystal" Mayne announces."
The Doctor studies it closely."
"Hmmmm. This is more serious than I'd imagined. This looks dangerously like the blue crystals of Metebelis 3. But red? RED?"
Suddenly a panel shoots back from behind the stone table to reveal a giant spider.........

......... to be continued.


Cameron Mason said...

The Doctor and Donna actually get some lines!!!

Not another cult!!!

What is it with you and cults???

Is Ben finally becoming aware that he is a classist mysoginist?

Slightly better.


Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...'ve disabled anonymous comments, Spara?!? OHHH FOR FUCK'S...

Erm.. not that it makes any difference to me, of course...

Leonard Hatred said...

How many times has Spara disabled anonymous comments for his blog, only to reinstate them at a later date?...

Why don't you just keep them disabled, Spara?

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

He secretly loves my MLock impersonations, and the occassional cameo appearance of "Bloke in Car" and "Nigel Verkoff"

OR he really loves leaving an entirely incoherent 'comments' page by deleting all of the comments that people are replying to.

Youth of Australia said...

This story sucks by the by. Putting in comments from the audience in a vague attempt to solve the plotholes doesn't work. It makes you look like the talentless walking vomit stain you really are.

What's that? No Mlock? No Lemon Bloody Cola?


Seriously, LBC was freaking me out.

Leonard Hatred said...

YOU were the one doing the impressions of "beloved" OG members, were you, Jared?

Tut tut. According to MLock, that makes you a "giggling bully with a chip on your shoulder". Or something like that. :-D

LBC has freaked you out, YOA? You should try spending time in his company at the forum. I always have to take a bath straight afterwards...

Bernie Fishnotes said...

I was slightly offended that nobody thought I was doing it. I have been rather silent on here of late...

Oh, and does the Ben/Nicola storyline have anything to do with the crystal/spider plot, or is it the main story, and the Doctor bits are just to justify writing another Ben Chatham story. I'm sure things can happen to him outside of an alien invasion...

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

YOU were the one doing the impressions of "beloved" OG members, were you, Jared?

Well, I can't take credit for all of them - I just did a couple. And most of MLock's for memory.

We should be nice to him, though - I understand this quite a special day for the guy... it's the second anniversary of the last time he said anything vaguely amusing HEY-OHHH!

Seriously, LBC was freaking me out.

I'm pretty sure that was the 'genuine' (or at least as genuine as he ever gets) LBC, too. I never posted under his name. I was afraid that if the wind changed I'd be stuck in character forever...

I was slightly offended that nobody thought I was doing it.

No, apparently Cameron was the more likely suspect as far as MLock was concerned *Snort* An excellent judge of character as always...

As you say, this story would actually make the Chathamverse more credible if he never came into contact with the aliens at all.

Also: why are all aliens in the Chathamverse so pissweak that they constantly need humans and unintelligent animals to help them in their plans of conquest?

Youth of Australia said...

At first I thought it was a homage to fan films, since fan films often have zero budget and use zombies/possessed people/evil people to save on makeup.

So, Sparacus' unfetted imagination... still can't think with a budget. The biggest and most epic visual idea he thought of were rats running around Starbucks and stock footage from Quatermass...

Sad, really.

Leonard Hatred said...

JARED: "Well, I can't take credit for all of them - I just did a couple"

I know you can't. I'll say no more... ;-)

Johnstone said...

Spara. Wales is a country, London is a city. Are you unable to distiguish between the two?