Saturday, 19 April 2008

"The Claws of Time"pt1 by Lemon Bloody Cola

Re: The new official Ben Chatham Adventure "The Claws Of Time"

Heres the first part proper of this exciting and sophisticated adventure. I apologies for the length but I can promise you it's a lot more action based than long winded prose based, well worth a read.

Columnated Ruins Domino

“For goodness’ sake Jack, can’t you get in touch with UNIT? I’m in a delicate mental state at the moment.” pleads Ben.“I know what it’s like to lose people close to you Ben, believe me. But in situations as crucial at this, it’s a matter of duty, the whole world is at stake,” retorts Jack.Upon hearing this Ben slumps into the sofa, head full of thoughts of “why me?” and the terrible burden of the responsibilities his travels with The Doctor have placed on him.

Jack’s mood undergoes a sea change, as his mischievous handsome eyes survey the room. He sends a cheeky wink Kyle’s way, kisses the hand of a for once blushing and silent Katie, before finally setting his sights with intent on Craig.
“Hey Ben, what you doing having jailbait around here with my reputation?” The misfit teen doesn’t know if he should feel embarrassed or thrilled to be found attractive. In reality his complexion answers before his mouth can as he blushes a deep shade of red.

Jack grasps Craig’s shoulders and once again his manner drifts to one of urgency.
“Well you are a lot more than a pretty fresh face kid. You might be wondering why I’m outside Torchwood’s usual jurisdiction in Cardiff, but I thought it’s best if I handle this one being as I’ve had experience working with gorgeous Ben before. I’m sorry but we’ve been tracking your Nephew for the last couple of months,” says Jack pulling a tiny bugging device from the sleeve of Craig’s My Chemical Romance hoodie.
“I need you to tell me about Skullmoor Comprehensive School, and specifically your friend Kyle.”Ben butts in “A comprehensive! A Nephew of mine in a comprehensive!? I despair.”
Jack ignores this focusing still on Craig, “tell me your friend Kyle what’s his surname?”
“Erm, Scott Sir.”

Kyle gasps, all these coincidences are now getting beyond spooky.“Is there anything strange about this kid you’ve notice, Jailbait?” “Erm well yeah he wears these Kappa tracksuits that haven’t been in fashion for like ten years and the other day he comes up to me and starts talking about this, well as he put it ‘gear’ new band called Oasis. I mean everyone knows only wrinklies listen to Oasis, it made no sense!” “My goodness!” exclaims Ben “It sounds like the timeline is collapsing in on itself or at least that would be my educated guess.” He chokes back tears and bravely proclaims “If that’s true the whole world as we know it could be at stake. We can’t allow that to happen and furthermore we can’t allow a world were 15 year old boys listen to Oasis. I’ll help you Jack, it’s what Nikki would have wanted.”
“That’s my man!” say’s Jack ruffling Ben’s heaven sent blond locks. “Now listen, Craig, Kyle I have reason to believe it’s far too dangerous for you two to be involved in this..”
“Kyle, just take care of Craig for me while me and Jack go and check it out.” orders Ben.

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