Friday, 11 April 2008

"CRYSTAL" Part 6

Anyway, here is the next part of this Doctor Who adventure folks:

"CRYSTAL" Part 6


The Doctor and Donna stare at the giant spider in front of them.
“Well say something!” Donna says to him.
“Er like what? I’m rather stuck for words at the mo.”
Donna barges forward: “Ok then *addressing spider* what do you want with us?”
The spider remains still.“Well?”
“Quiet female human. I shall speak. I am the Queen and I am here on this planet to reign.”
The Doctor is curious:“How did you survive the death of the Great One? Without her you cannot exist, or so I thought?”
“By the power of the red crystals. The crystals gave us insight and independence beyond the Great One and beyond the blue crystals. We took them and lay dormant on this world. We planned and soon the great deliverance will come.”
“Great deliverance?” Donna asks.
“We will use the power of the crystals to enlighten and free every animal on this planet. The human infestation will be removed.”
The Doctor is angry:“I won’t let you do that. Humans have evolved naturally to be the most intelligent life form here. You cannot tamper with that.”
“Silence! The red crystals give us that power! Behold”!
The red crystal starts to glow and sends out a shaft of light which causes the Doctor and Donna to collapse.


Meanwhile Ben is answering a call from Anselm while Nikki finishes her coffee.
“…. oh right so you want us to just pick up where we left off despite what you’ve done…….What?….. What I did? You are the one who hasn’t answered my texts……… look that’s nonsense……… you needed some space? I haven’t had sex for three weeks because of this and I need it now…….look ok, as soon as this case is over we’ll meet up. Bye darling *blows kisses*.
Nikki smiles, “Is that your girlfriend Ben?”
Ben looks uncomfortable.“Please don’t be shocked but I’m gay.”
“Oh, I did wonder. Anyway, whats his name?”
Ben is irritated:“What do you mean you did wonder?”
As he says this, Kyle and Katie return:
“Well its good to see you two are still speaking” Katie says.
Suddenly the table is surrounded by Hendridge and five men in white uniforms:
“Ok, Ben Chatham. You and your little gang will accompany us” Hendridge says with a sinister frown.

Ben and the others are led down some stairs into a celler, with a door in one wall. The door is opened and they are thrown into a pitch dark room and the door slammed shut.
“What…. Ben do something, I can’t see anything.” Katie shouts.
Kyle pulls out a cigarette lighter and flicks it on. All they can see in the shimmering light are their faces. Suddenly a noise comes from the shadows. A scurrying sound. Then a strange whispering begins:
“Come, come, come to ussss…. Fly fly fly to usssss”
Ben is concerned about the situation:
“There is something in here with us. Stay calm everyone.”
Kyle gets up and uses the lighter to find the door:
“Ok, I’m like gonna try an pick this lock.”
“Hurry up” Katie shouts.
Suddenly they here scurrying again and in the flickering light see the spiders. One of them leaps onto Nikki’s face, biting. Kyle picks frantically at the lock as two spiders leap onto Ben, their legs clawing at his pale, smooth cheeks………

………to be continued.


Youth of Australia said...

I'm only posting to note that your explanation for the spiders doesn't make any sense.

Even IF they were some breakaway group of spiders, they would have returned to the Earth of their own era, not the 20th century. The only reason the spiders had any interest in 20th century Earth was because of that was where the blue crystal.

It makes no sense these spiders would use valuable energy to go back in time to a period and place they knew nothing of and were unprepared for. Indeed, without the crystal to focus on, I doubt any spiders could have gone there anyway. And why do spiders - solitary creatures who tend to eat other spiders - give a fig about other animals? Even if the Spiders are enlightened, they'd surely abandon the plan to change the status quo and learn to accept life.

And WHY would there be a red crystal on a planet where everything is blue?

It's time to kill off Ben for good. His sister shows much more potential and you've milked the character for four years now - longer than most Doctors.

He's gone stale and only an idiot would believe otherwise.

Cameron Mason said...

How much longer until this drek is over???

And those spiders had better be clawing at Ben's face cheeks...


Youth of Australia said...

As long as he dies, I don't if they face hugged him or butt hugged him.

Without renewal, there is stagnation.