Saturday, 12 April 2008

Classic alien of the week: Menoptra


Bernie Fishnotes said...

Very Nice.


sparacus said...

I want my blog to look good

Bernie Fishnotes said...

But you need to justify why the Menoptra are your classic monster of the week. Otherwise, you might as well just call the post "gratuitous picture of a classic monster of the week"

Youth of Australia said...

You're not going to clog up the internet with this drivel are you?

Why not explain WHY you think the Menoptera are worthy of mention? How many stories of theirs have you actually witnessed?

The Web Planet?
The Lost Ones?
The Zarbi Supremo?
Return to the Web Planet?
The Naked Flame?
Twilight of the Gods?
Dr Who on the Web Planet?

Can you honestly review all of those?

Leonard Hatred said...

HAHHASHHAAAHAHAhAA, that looks like a wasp lolllllzzzzz!!!!!1!!!one!