Sunday, 6 September 2009

"ORCHIDS IN JUNE" Act 1 Scene 3

ACT 1 : Scene 3

Rosemary & Alistair enter the downstairs lounge and see the broken window

Alistair: What a ghastly mess. Who could have done this to us.

Rosemary: What will the neighbours think?

There is a snigger from outside & Steve's face appears learing through the hole in the glass

Steve: Ere it looks like someone's bruck yer ****in winder ***** - ha ha ha

Rosemary: You've done this. We had every right to report you to the police for dealing drugs to my daughter.

Steve: I'm gonna slash yer up

Alistair: Go away and leave us alone *flicks floppy hair back defiantly*

Amy enters

Amy: Oh like hi Steve. Fancy a shag?

Steve: Yeah babe

Amy rushes out to him & Rosemary screams

Rosemary: SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMM. I don't know what is happening to my life. I can't understand it.

Alistair: Don't upset yourself.

Suddenly there is a loud crash outside

CRASH...... be continued

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