Sunday, 13 September 2009

"ORCHIDS IN JUNE" Act 1 Scene 6

OK, here is scene 6:

ACT 1: Scene 6

PC Wold gathers everyone into the lounge

PC Wold: The Inspector is on his way. This is a serious matter. I have acertained that the last thing the deceased did was to eat a fondant fancy.

Amy: *sobbing* This is like so unfair.

Alistair: I baked those fondant fancies myself earlier. I vouch for them.

Shaun *to PC Wold* Are you seriously implying that one of us fiddled with my son's fondant fancies?

PC Wold: Yes. I suspect poison.

Amy: *sobbing* This is like so.... *sob* like....

Rosemary: What will the neighbours think? This is a respectable area.

There is a knock on the door and it opens. Estelle elegantly glides in.

Estelle: Evening darlings *notices atmosphere* Why what has happened? You all look so displaced.

Rosemary: A drug-addled yobbo has been poisoned by one of Alistair's cakes.

Estelle: Oh darling how utterly awful for you.

Offstage the sound of a car drawing up is heard. Inspector Rigby enters

Inspector Rigby: Hello hello. Whats been going on here. Nobody move. I'll inspect the body.

He goes offstage into the other room. Then he comes back.

Inspector Rigby: He's definitely dead. Nobody move.

Cuthbert: Can I please go to the boys' room lovvie. I'm simply bursting.

Inspector Rigby: Stay where you are until you have been searched.

Cuthbert: You can search me anytime you want luvvie *winks*.

Inspector Rigby: *to PC Wold* Constable, give that man a good feel all over in case he has a concealed phial of deadly poison.

Rosemary: You can't seriously suspect any of us. We are respectable people.

Inspector Rigby: I suspect all including you.

Alistair: *flicks floppy hair back defiantly* Now look here. I'm going to have my say. This thug has clearly died as a result of drug abuse. How dare you imply that mother could be a suspect. You are just a minor public servant.

Cuthbert: Well said Alistair dear.

Inspector Rigby: Until I have got to the bottom of this you are all suspects.

Suddenly there is a loud thud outside


Followed by a rumbling sound


.............. to be continued

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