Sunday, 6 September 2009


ACT 1: Scene 2

Rosemary and Shaun are in the bedroom.

Rosemary: I know you are seeing that Carrie who works in your office. There is no point in denying it. *she flings a photograph at him* There!

Shaun casts a cursory glance at the picture

Shaun: So? We were engaged in a software discussion. And who took that picture? Have you been following me?

Rosemary: I've hired a private detective. I want to discuss our marriage in a full and proper way Shaun.

Shaun: Look love. You have a nice home & two nice kids. I give you plenty of money so stop whinging. If you don't like it you know where the door is.

Rosemary: *crying* Why are you being like this Shaun?

Shaun:*aside to audience* Methinks the daft trout is in need of some buttering. *To Rosemary* Look love, you know I really appreciate you. *Breaks wind* Now for some kip.

Suddenly the door flings open. It is Alistair

Alistair: Its awful, absolutely ghastly. How can I go on. *begins to sob hysterically*

Rosemary: Ally, what has happened?

Alistair: The Ensemble I booked for the Mozart recital on Saturday have pulled out. I may dash my brains out.

Shaun: Its time you got yourself a proper bloody job instead of doing voluntary work at that arts centre.

Rosemary: Don't shout at him Shaun. He's upset *moving over and cradling Alistair's head in her arms* my baby.

Shaun: Pass me the sick bucket

Suddenly there is a bang downstairs. Amy rushes in

Amy: Someone's like lobbed a brick through the window.

Shaun: Oh? I thought it was the toaster exploding. It just shows that you can't always recognise sounds. Anyroad, you deal with it . *turns over & goes to sleep* be continued.

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