Sunday, 11 November 2007

Cast Kyle

OK, I'm looking for suggested actors to play Kyle in my Ben Chatham/Doctor Who stories. All suggestions appreciated.


Bernie Fishnotes said...

Jonas Armstrong, because
A) you fancy him and
B) you automatically have a plot for when you do your "Ben Chatham meets Robin Hood" crossover.

Youth of Australia said...

I'm more familiar with Australian actors, I'm sure you understand.

But I think I know who'd make a good Kyle. I can't get his name at the moment but he was

* the smug English teacher in "Teachers"
* the smug junkie/awkward junkie's brother in "The Book Group"
* the smug intern in "Absolute Power"

Scruff him up, he'd be a decent Kyle. Certainly a better actor than Adam Rickitt, so, yeah, it would balance the characters.

'That Guy' for Kyle!

Youth of Australia said...

So... did I win?

Bernie Fishnotes said...

no, it was Rory Jennings, and the decision was taken on OG.

I would have liked the sausage to win though...

Youth of Australia said...

So there was actually a prize?

Not a vague promise of a blank DVD?

Honestly, only Spara could forget his own blog...

sparacus said...

Leonard Hatred has won the prize - a cameo role in the final part of NEMESIS

Youth of Australia said...

You never actually mentioned a prize, Spara.

Is this some kind of blogger racism? Only OGers good enough to know the whole truth, eh?

Discrimination does not equal setting standards, you know!