Wednesday, 7 November 2007

"NEMESIS" part 6

"NEMESIS: Part 6"

As they are invited to view the cryogenic chamber by Hoffman, they are shocked to see...Adolf Hitler!
Ben siezes his chance and lunges at one of the guards while Kyle wrestles another to the ground. As Hoffman reaches for the alarm on the wall, Katie tries to pull him back, however he grabs her and throws her off. Katie smashes into the cryogenic chamber and inadvertantly elbows a set of switches on the side. It begins to hum and a strange glow is emitted. More Nazis arrive and quickly overpower Ben and Kyle. Hoffman shouts:
"Mein Gott" Vat have you done. Zie Fuhrer!"
Suddenly the glass top of the Chamber begins to open and Hitler's eyes flicker open. Hoffman and the other Nazis gasp and fawn as Hitler begins to revive and slowly sits up:
"So, the time has come. Help me out of here." Hitler says. He speaks in German, however Ben can understand him as he is still linked to the TARDIS translator.
"The Fourth Reich has arrived yes? What year is it?"
Hoffman looks worried:
"Shortly mein fuhrer, shortly.. It is the year 2007."
"Oh, it has been this long? Still it is good to see that the 21st century belongs to Germany."

Ben is angry and steps in:
"That is factually innacurate Hitler. The USA and China are the most powerful countries in the world. Germany is just part of the EU. Also Israel is one of the most powerful states in the middle east. Your Nazi plans achieved nothing. You are remembered as a mass murderer"
Hitler stares at him menacingly:
"And who are you? You remind me of one of my fine blond SS bodyguards, except your hair needs a cut. That length of hair is degenerate."
Ben is hurt:"
How dare you say that about my hair. At least I don't look like Charlie Chaplin and shout every sentence in a loud and vulgar manner."
Hoffman is furious:
"How dare you insult zie fuhrer. Take them away. Zie vill be shot!"
Ben, Katie and Kyle are thrown back into a cell within the complex.
"What were you sayin' to 'im in German?" Kyle asks:
"Just putting him straight on a few things. We must get out of here as Hitler's revival may force the Nazis into drastic action of some kind."

Meanwhile, back in the cryogenic chamber room, the chamber is still glowing and begins to transmit a signal. Out in deep space, on a far distant planet, a computer locks onto the earth's co-ordinates. It prepares to beam to earth a landing party of alien beings..........

to be continued

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