Sunday, 11 November 2007

"NEMESIS" Part 7

"NEMESIS" Part 7

Ben, Katie and Kyle are in the holding cell, awaiting possible execution. Katie is on edge:
"How the **** are we going to get out of this. *Bangs hands on door* ."
Ben sighs:
"Calm down Katie. Theres no use in us losing it. We need to think this through."
She glowers at him:"Whats to think through. We're stuck in here waiting for some crazed Krauts to come and shoot us and you got us into this."
Meanwhile, Kyle is surrupticiously picking at the lock with a device he had concealed within his trainer.
"Dan it! We're out. Cam on."
He slowly opens the door and they quietly move out and down the winding corridor. They find a store room and a door that leads outside into a yard. Kyle scales a wall and Ben helps Katie up before scaling it himself. They run off across the windswept moorland until they reach a road. They wave down a car and ask the driver where he is going:
"Just driving up to Cardiff boyo" says the bearded man inside.
"Perfect" Ben replies cheerfully.

When they arrive in Cardiff, Ben contacts Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Ben recounts what has happened to a disbelieving Jack, however he eventually realises that it is no wind up.
"So Hitler is alive. Wow, is this serious."
While Ben is with Torchwood, he leaves Kyle and Katie in a wine bar having ordered them drinks and food. Katie is unimpressed:
"I'm not happy with Ben just leaving us here while he goes off to meet these people. As if its all some big secret we're not allowed into."
Kyle is more reconciled:
"He must 'av 'is reasons."
"Yeah, trust you to agree with him. You do realise that you're not Ben's type at all don't you? You probably amuse him in some way." Katie replies.
"Look, I've told you it ain't like that."
Katie smirks:"If you say so. Anyway, Kyle, how do you like the food Ben has ordered?"
"Not much." kyle replies. Katie erupts into laughter and tips back on her chair:
"ha ha.... I thought you wouldn't.... more of a big mac boy I'd imagine.... ha ha".
Kyle glowers:"Look 'ere we are just 'avin escaped from Nazis and all you do is make snobby digs at me. Me 'an Ben are friends, I ain't tryin' to come between you an' im, although what you 'ave goin together seems pretty weird to me."
Katie scowls:"I think I know a fair bit more about Ben than you do, chavboy."
They sit in silence until Ben returns. He sits down and pours a glass of wine which he knocks back.
"mmmm lovely this, for cheap red. Come on you two, cheer up."

Meanwhile, the alien ships near the earth and begin to enter the atmosphere. The scout ship lands in Cornwall, near the Nazi base. On board, the ship commander speaks:"The signal tells us that Isar has revived. Which means that this planet must be suitable for colonisation.........

to be continued

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Youth of Australia said...

You STILL haven't posted parts two to five, spara! How am I supposed to know what the hell is going on?