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"NEMESIS" Part 8 : The conclusion!

"NEMESIS: Part 8"

The aliens pour out of the ship, reptilian creatures in strange transluscent uniforms. The signal is still being transmitted from the cryogenic chamber. As the Nazi guards see them approaching, they open fire. A battle commences between the Nazi forces and the aliens - with SS elite troops encircling the invaders and attempting to fight their way onto the ship. The aliens blast at the house from the ship, causing part of the roof to fall in.Inside the building, Hitler is pacing up and down:
"What is the meaning of this? What are these reptilian scum?"
Hoffman tries to explain:
"Mein fuhrer, ven mein father placed you in the chamber in 1945, he had to remove a creature from it first. These things fit zie same description. Clearly zie creature vas launched into space in some kind of attempt to find a new vorld. Ven you revived it must have sent some kind of signal for them to come."
Hitler is furious:"Mein Gott! Vie must crush the invaders like the filth they are. Lower than zie Russian schwein!"
"Yes Mein fuhrer!"

As the battle rages on, for several hours, UNIT forces arrive, contacted by Torchwood,with Ben, Kyle and Katie arriving in a UNIT van. The UNIT forces attack the aliens from the rear, blasting the ship with massive bazookas as the SS throw grenades through the entrance. Kyle joins in the fighting while Ben and Katie sit watching the scene with the UNIT officers. Suddenly the ship explodes, sending everyone scurrying for cover. Out in space, the alien fleet leaves, their commanders deciding that earth is not a safe place to land. However, as the UNIT forces prepare to enter the house, they find themselves surrounded on all sides by SS and regular Nazi troops. Hoffman marches from the house.
"Excellent verk men. These vill make excellent bargaining material. Round them all up and herd them into that storage varehouse."'

They are forced into the half-empty warehouse, Ben and Katie included. Kyle meanwhile has managed to hide behind a large, smouldering hunk of the ship and is unseen. As they enter the warehouse, Hoffman has Ben & Katie brought forward.
"These two vill come vith me."
Inside the house again, they are ushered into Hoffman's drawing room, where Hitler sits listening to Wagner's 'Prelude to Lohengrin'. He looks up:
"Ah, it is the strident blonde youth again. Come and sit down. Have some coffee."
Ben looks distainfully at him:
"If I must join you, I'd like some brandy please."
Hoffman is angered:
"You insolent schvein! The fuhrer does not approve of drink!"
However Hitler waves his hand:
"It is no problem. Give the boy and his madschen whatever they like."
Ben has a large brandy and Katie a vodka and orange. Ben is resolute:
"You'll never escape Hitler! UNIT and regular British troops will be surrounding this place as we speak. Why not give up?"
Hitler will have none of it:
"I will use the prisoners as hostages until I am given an aircraft to fly me out of this country."
Ben is having none of it:
"There is nowhere for you to go. Most Germans of today hate you and I think just about any country you tried to go to would arrest you instantly. You are despised as a mass racist murderer. Just give up."
Hitler is angered:
"Surely some of the German volk continue to honour my memory."
"Only a few skinheads in the Eastern part. Not many others. Look Hitler, why not have a brandy, chill out a bit and then surrender."

As he speaks, the window crashes through and someone leaps through and grabs Hitler as he rises. Its Kyle, with a knife pilfered from a fallen Nazi:
"Ok, let your prisoners go or 'e gets it in the neck".
Ben has a better idea:
"Hoffman, send out a message of surrender to the army, by ordering your men to drop their weapons and leave the house with their hands raised. Or Kyle here will knife your fuhrer , and he will do it, he's from a council estate."
The nazis begin to surrender and troops move into the building. Kyle lets Hitler sit down as the UK soldiers enter the room. However as he sits down, Hitler pulls something from his pocket:
"Ah, you think you mongrelised British can hold me! That chamber was not the only alien technology we have. Aufidersehn.... for now."
Hitler presses a button on the device and beams away to destination unknown.

Later, back in the Mermaid Wine Bar in Cambridge, Ben, Katie and Kyle are discussing the adventure.
"So where do you recon he went to?" Kyle asks. Ben sips an absinthe:
"Who knows."
Katie chips in:
"Lets hope its somewhere peaceful where he can live out the rest of his life with no hassle."
Ben is irritated:"Katie, its Hitler. It would be better for the world if he were to stand trial."
Suddenly a guy brushes past Ben carrying drinks and some spills out onto Ben who is irritated:
"Hey watch it , idiot!"
The man scowls:
"Sorry, but that was an accident. And my name isn't idiot, its Leonard. Leonard Hatred to you!"
"Leave it Ben",
Kyle advises. As the man walks away, Ben looks at him:
"Mmmm nice rear."
This irritates Katie:"Ben when are you going to stop this sort of thing."
Ben scowls at her:"Look Katie, if you're uncomfortable with gay people, just go."
Katie throws her drink at Ben who shouts at her to go again and she stomps off to the bar. Seeing the guy there again she slinks up to him:
"So hi Leonard. *Placing her hand on his leg* so what brings you to Cambridge......."

..... THE END


sparacus said...

As you can see, Leonard Hatred's cameo role prize is included.

Youth of Australia said...

Yes. He appears in the final scene, when the plot is over, and then gets insulted by Ben. Who, showing his typical hypocracy, then forgives Hatred for everything because he has a "nice" rear.

God, I hate Ben.

And, yet again, Spara, you seem to have left out four episodes or so.

Having got my good friend Jared to fit the blanks, this story seems to have drifted from a Cambridge spy thriller to ripping off the Tomorrow People episode about Hitler.

Just what was all that stuff about android replacement programs? Kyle's criminal headhunters? How come the first driver they met was a Welsh stereotype heading straight for Cardiff and what was he doing in the outskirts of Cornwall? Why do you think ANYONE likes the character of Katie Ryan? I mean, I'll take Ben over her ANY day and you I can't stand him...

And I cannot believe you missed the scene where Hitler realizes Ben saved his life as a child.

Don't you remember you own stories?


From Ben's wiki page:

2.10/2.11 - Not Alone/Child of Destruction
The TARDIS crew are enjoying themselves in London, when the Doctor senses someone nearby is attempting to travel in time. Ben wishes to visit his old university professor Bernard Levinson, but finds he is working with physics Professor Simon Crenbourne to build a time machine to allow them to go back in time and murder the baby that will grow up to be Adolf Hitler. As Crenbourne is sent back into the past, hee is revealed to be a regenerated Master who survived the Time War by escaping into another dimension. However, upon returning to the presnt the Master begins to evaporate and so intends to survive by summoning the Reapers - and to do that he has given Levinson the chance to change human history by murdering Hitler...

Adam and Jack rescue the Doctor, Ben and Rose and they travel to Braunau Am Inn in Austria during the spring of 1889 to investigate the nearby kierkeller where Ben's "superior knowledge" allows them to locate 'old Shickelgruber', Alois Hitler, who is returning home to beat his wife Klara. The TARDIS crew catch Levinson before he can strangle the baby Adolf, and the Doctor insists the baby is innocent and cannot be killed in revenge. Levinson backs down, having given the Hitler family a grudge against the Jewish people. Returning to the present, the Master realizes he is foiled and disintegrates.