Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Deleted Doctor Who VHS stories I have recently bought from ebay:

1) Shada
2) The Horns of Nimon
3) The Masque of Mandragora
4) Silver Nemesis
5) Meglos


Bernie Fishnotes said...

You haven't got this though...

Youth of Australia said...

I notice a bias towards the Fourth Doctor.

I can't believe ANYONE didn't at least TRY to get a copy of Shada back in 1992... I mean, "Obvious choice for Christmas" or what?

Did you get the script book?

Er... not much else to say.

Why exactly did you list these?

No, wait, I get it, these are the stories you'll be shamelessly plagiarizing!

Shada - Nemesis, with its punting on the Cam, odd professors, etc

The Horns of Nimon - Hoffman is clearly Soldeed on ritalin

The Masque of Mandragora - well, demonic blood sacrifice cults are ripped off by you every day

Silver Nemesis - Nazi return

Meglos - creepiness in jungles, alien technology

Well, that's that cleared up then.

Miles said...

I didn't try and get Shada back in '92... but I don't think I was into Doctor Who back then, not really sure. Own the BF CD though, very well done.

Silver Nemesis- Really, really dire.

Horns of Nimon- Not seen.

Masque- Seen half of it years ago.

Meglos- Not seen

Youth of Australia said...

Well, Shada the original is worth getting, IMO.

Silver Nemesis is worth it for the documentary if nought else.

Meglos has some great music, the villain is a catcus who acts exactly like an evil fourth Doctor BEFORE the plot needs it, and an alternate theme tune on the end of part four.

Horns of Nimon is great fun. The Nimon scare me. In a proper way.

Frankly, the collection of videos is worth getting if you don't have them.

Oh, wait, NOW I know why Ben is dreaming of the Nimon - another rip off.

Originality? Where?

Andrew said...

Odd how the "incisive commentary" is coming from the commentators, not the blog's owner.

We don't really care whether you've got them on VHS or seen them on Youtube - what do you think of these stories?

(Personally, I'd say there were two jewels and three turds in that bunch...)

Scyther Slitheen said...

Im waiting to get them all on DVD frist, nothing beats it :)