Thursday, 1 November 2007

How to measure a good History essay:

1) Does it have a clear introduction and conclusion.

2) Has the writer successfully learned all the key facts within the topic and included them.

3) Does the essay establish an answer to the set question?

4) Is this answer the correct one, ie the one that the teacher has told them?

5) On a scale of one to ten, is the essay above 8 in terms of grammatical accuracy?


Youth of Australia said...

You forgot the question mark in the first question.

You therefore fail your own standards.

You are not worthy to try again.

Andrew said...

4) I was often told at school that making a compelling argument which backs up your conclusion is far more important than the conclusion itself. This proves that the student is able to think for himself rather than churn out an answer he has been pre-taught, parrot-fashion.

5) It scares me that a teacher - particularly one who is so keen on grammatical accuracy - does not know the difference between "wear" and "where". (See the post above this one).

Youth of Australia said...

How to measure a good history essay:

1) Sparacus is not involved in any way.

Cameron Mason said...

Only points one, three and five have any real use to marking a history essay, to a small degree.

Point two is subjective, and point four is so offensive I can barely express my disgust without swearing.

The quality of the argument is what counts. If you have the evidence to back up your answer, then the teacher must mark accordingly, even if the answer is one the teacher doesn't consider to be 'correct'.


Andrew said...


Do any of ur students read this blog?

If not, what was the point of this post?

If so, what do they think of your stories? We must be told!

Youth of Australia said...

Just thinking about this...

Who EXACTLY is that post aimed at? I mean, you expect a history essay marker to be searching blogs, DESPERATE for that list which boils down to

a) is it set out right?
b) do they answer the question?

I mean, bugger me sideways, if I was marking history essays I'd NEVER have thought that those factors might possibly relevent.

I can only assume you've posted that to remind YOURSELF.

Which is a frighten thought in itself.