Sunday, 25 January 2009


Here is part 4 folks: the plot thickens:


Another bullet whizzes past Martha’s head as the Doctor & Pierre surface. Martha gesticulates to them:
“Get yourselves on board quick!”
They jump aboard and Francoise sets the engine going and they speed off”.
“Whats like happening dudes?” the Doctor asks.
“Someone on that other boat was shooting at us. And don’t refer to us as dudes” Martha replies tersely.
“They must work for the Gastroix Company .This is exactly how they operate in France. Last year they shot at several Greenpeace demonstrators in the grounds of their Normandy plant. Of course the French authorities failed to believe our version of events” Pierre comments.
“Who like owns this company?” the Doctor asks.
“Oh it was bought by a Russian billionaire Ivan Iblomov about eight years ago. That’s when the problems started” Francoise replies.
“Yay! That explains it like. This Russian dude is clearly cutting costs by dumping his toxic waste in the sea in cheap containers which leak. And the chemicals have had an effect on the marine life.”

Later on the Doctor and Martha have returned to the TARDIS, where the Doctor is showing Martha something in the bedroom.
“What the hell is that thing?” Martha asks firmly:
“I’ve like had this for a long time. I’ve two actually, its an invisibility cloak. I like borrowed ‘em from these alien dudes. I was like ‘can I borrow them for a while’ and they was like ‘yeah man, cool’.”
“So? Get to the point.”
“Well if we wear these and patrol the beach tonight, whatever creature thingy comes out of the sea won’t see us” the Doctor replies.

Meanwhile old Bill Oakwell is doing a bit of evening beachcombing after the sunbathers have gone home. He is pottering along with his old and rather ineffective metal detector hoping to find coins that have been dropped in the sand. As he stares at the ground he fails to hear something creep up behind him. A clawed hand reaches out: it claws and rips tearing lumps of flesh out of Bill’s neck & torso……

Pierre and Francoise have arranged to meet up with the Doctor in the pub. They have arrived early and are enjoying a drink and discussing hitchhiking up to Scotland to visit a new age community they have heard of once this business is over. Suddenly however, a group of armed men in leather jackets burst into the pub. They surround Pierre & Francoise:
“You will come with us. You will come now. You have been identified by our comrades as economic wreckers. And for this you will be shot……..”

…………… to be continued.

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