Thursday, 1 January 2009


OK, here is the next part of this festive adventure folks:


Ben , Katie and the Brigadier get out of the car and Aston orders them into the centre.
"You may as well give up now. UNIT troops are on the way!" Ben points out, however Aston laughs sardonically:
"Our plans are far too advanced to just give up. I think you will find that your armed forces are no match for our defences."Ben and the others are led into a room deep within the centre where Aston is greeted by several Cheaons.Ben is curious:
"Now that you have us in your control, could you tell us exactly what your plans are? You may as well."Aston smirks:
"Since you are going to die anyway, I see no reason not to. As you may have gathered, I am not a Cheaon. My true name is Xanonomian and I originate from a planet far from this galaxy. In form we are humanoid, however we long ago developed the technology to enhance our psychic energy into its physical form. I could kill you with one energy blast from my eyes. I was exiled from my world for supposedly corrupting science. Our culture was a feeble one, hidebound with foolish ethical restrictions.Fortunately my ship landed to the planet of the Cheaons, a dying world. I proposed to them a solution: find a similar planet with aliens not too dissimilar and I would use my technology to breed a new generation of Cheaons via females from the new planet. Then we will wipe you all out using our deadly virus!"Ben is puzzled:
"Whats in it for you?"Aston laughs:
"Why power of course. The Cheaons will make me their Emperor!"

Suddenly there is a commotion outside. The UNIT troops have arrived. Ben and the others are locked in the room as Aston and the Cheaons use a strange laser device to bathe the UNIT troops in energy and turn their brains into liquid within their skulls. The troops fall to the floor dying,white fluid pouring from their ears. Meanwhile, Ben has picked the lock of the room they are in:
"A little trick I learned from Kyle" he exclaims before they rush out of the room. Running down a corridor, they encounter Shakey Jake coming out of his room:
"Hey guys, like whats happening?" Jake asks.
"No time to explain now, run!" Ben shouts back. They all exit the building and run through the grounds and into some trees. Emerging from the other side, they ponder what to do next:
"Right. Now the first priority is to get back to the hospital and rescue those poor women" the Brigadier says firmly.
"Oh leave them. Its too dangerous. We need to leave here now" Katie snaps. The Brigadier isn't impressed:
"Miss Ryan. I will not leave those other ladies to be experimented on by aliens."

They return to the hospital, where Ben has a plan:
"As we were leaving the centre, I grabbed these from a dead UNIT soldier on the grass *holds up tear gas canisters*. We'll light them and cause mayhem in the building."
"Well done that man!" the Brigadier exclaims.Entering the hospital, Ben flings the canisters inside having lit them with Shakey Jake's lighter. In the ensuing commotion, they run through and downstairs. Ben and Katie punch several Cheaons while the Brigadier locates the keys and frees the women. Then they all rush outside.
"Whew, job well done there guys" Ben says, offering everyone a Fox's Glacier Mint to calm down. Suddenly however there is a loud noise above them. Looking up, they see to their horror a massive saucer-shaped Cheaon space ship descending.................

............... to be continued.

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