Monday, 5 January 2009

"DEADLY YULETIDE: Part 6 : the Conclusion"

OK folks, here is the final part of this exciting festive adventure:


“RUN” Ben shouts, as the Cheaon ship descends.They run across the grounds and into the field beyond.
“This is possibly the start of the full Cheaon invasion. On that ship may well be their deadly virus” Ben adds.
“Then we’ve no time to lose. I suggest a full on assault on the blighters” the Brigadier exclaims. However Ben frowns:
“I think we need to consider this more carefully. The last UNIT attack completely failed.”
“No guns man, no guns” Shakey Jake adds.
Walking through the damp grass they eventually reach a road where they encounter a UNIT convoy. They are recognised by the commander and climb on board a truck which heads off for a country house where UNIT have set up base.

At the house, Ben holds a brainstorming session while Jake prepares food in the kitchen.
“We’ve got a large number of reinforcements arriving shortly. We need to encircle that health centre and hospital with our lads while launching an air attack on that ship” the Brigadier proposes.Ben disagrees:
“The Doctor once said to me: ‘Ben, an ounce of thought is worth a ton of brawn.’ we need to consider this much more carefully. A better approach might be to try and divide Xanonomian from the Cheaons by convincing each that the other is planning to betray them”.
“I agree with Ben” Katie comments.
Jake arrives from the kitchen carrying a large cake:
“Hey guys. I’ve baked a special cake to help us chill and dig the heavy situation.”Katie frowns:
“As if we need a damn cake at a time like this.”
Suddenly there is a commotion outside and a UNIT soldier bursts in:
“The Cheaons are attacking us. We’re surrounded!”
Before they can move, Xanonomian and several armed Cheaons enter the room.
“Do not attempt to move. You are in our control.”Jake tries to scurry into the kitchen with the cake, however Cheaons block his way:
“What is that?” Xanonomian asks:
“Hey man its just a cake” Jake answers.
“I find your manner suspicious” Xanonomian replies. He prods the cake with his fingers and tastes it.
“Hmmm. This is most strange.” He breaks off a chunk of cake and eats it, as do several Cheaons………………….

An hour later, Ben, Katie and the Brigadier are laughing with the UNIT commanders:
“Our men have occupied the alien vessel and are taking care of the babies” the commander says.Outside in the garden the Cheaons are lying in the grass singing and gazing at the sky:
“Hey the stars are whispering to me. Cosmic!” Xanonomian says.
“My mind is floating. Peace is the truth.” a Cheaon replies, dancing in a haze.Jake is strumming his guitar while a Cheaon plays the bongos:
“Hey you guys are far out” Jake says.
“I can hear the grass singing to me. All the world is love.” the Cheaon replies.Ben raises a glass:
“I propose a toast to Jake for saving the day with his special cake”
“To Jake” they all reply, clinking glasses.
“I’ve just been informed by Torchwood that the UN have agreed to let the Cheaons settle on an island in the pacific and raise their new generation. So all’s well that ends well” Ben adds.The Brigadier pats Ben’s shoulder:
“Well my boy, I hope to meet you and your colleagues again soon. And say hello to the Doctor for me if you see him before me. Splendid chap, all of them”………

……… THE END.

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