Sunday, 25 January 2009



Pierre & Francoise are bundled into a car and driven to the Gastroix Plant nearby. They are forcefully manhandled by their captors and led into a warehouse. A bald man in a leather jacket approaches:
“So, you are the troublemakers. My name is Ivan Iblomov. In Russia we deal with people like you without having to observe the niceties of legality and I wish to bring these innovative business practices into the UK.”
Pierre is angered:
“You can’t silence Greenpeace. We know you are pumping toxic chemicals into the sea around here.”
Iblomov laughs:
“Ha! Do you think we care about what you know. In Russia we have a saying: ‘if a man is a problem, no man no problem.”
Iblomov gestures to a henchman:
“Shoot him Ivan.”
The henchman approaches Pierre and puts a gun to his head. Francoise shouts:
“No. Please. Don’t”
However before he can shoot, a door bursts open and in storms……………..
Operation Delta: Ben Chatham, Kyle and Katie Ryan. Ben & Kyle unleash tear gas canisters and Katie fires a volley of shots over the Russians’ heads. Iblomov and his associates run and Ben shouts to Pierre & Francoise:
“Quick, come with us!”
They rush out and jump into Ben’s waiting car and Ben drives them out of the complex, crashing through a perimeter gate.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Martha are on the beach, disguised in invisible cloaks:
“This is like so cool” the Doctor says, “it’s a bit boring though just like sitting here.”
Martha tuts:
“Oh grow up! We could be here for hours. The Doctor scowls:
“Oh man, that sucks. I wanna go soon. Some guys from myspace are having a Skins party and like trashing this house.”
“This was your idea Doctor. And we are not going until we’ve seen it through.”
They wait for few minutes and then suddenly something starts to emerge from the sea:
“Look, something is emerging from the sea” Martha whispers.
Slowly the creature emerges fully from the sea.
“Its like now fully emerged, from the sea like” the Doctor observes.
The creature that has emerged, from the sea, is a large crab like animal with huge claws which stands upright and has a head like an insect.
“Its as if several creatures have merged somehow and increased in size” Martha observes. Suddenly the creature lunges towards them…………………

………………. To be continued

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