Sunday, 25 January 2009


Here is part 3 of this chiller:


The Doctor leaps up:
“Wow. This is like so random.”
He tries to comfort the man while Martha phones for an ambulance. Later after the ambulance leaves for the hospital, they sit and assess the way forward.
“We clearly need to investigate the beach and also the pollution angle. Than man had sand on his shoes and those wounds looked like animal bites” Martha says.
Pierre is keen to help;
“We have heard of other strange animal attacks round here. However as an ecology student I find it hard to believe that pollution could turn animals into the kind of thing that could inflict wounds like that.”
“They can dudes. I’ve like encountered giant maggots the size of large rats caused by pollution. It was mingin’” the Doctor replies.

The Doctor leads the way as they leave the pub and walk down to the beach. Martha and Francoise poke about the sand looking for footprints while Pierre follows on behind the others with a large bag from the boot of his car.
“Hey , I’ve got two diving suits in here. We can go and see for ourselves where the dumping is taking place.”
The Doctor is puzzled:
“But how are we like gonna get out to sea?”
Francoise smiles:
“We hired that boat over there earlier *points to boat*.”
“Wicked!” the Doctor replies grinning. Martha scowls:
“Act your age. We need to be sensible and careful about this.”
Pierre mans the helm and takes the boat out to sea. After about 20 mins they arrive at the dumping site:
“Right babes. Me and Pierre will like do the diving. You two keep a look out” the Doctor says. He and Pierre get undressed to get into the diving suits while the girls stare at the Doctor’s slim, smooth limbs and glistening torso.
“Your guy is very beautiful” Francoise observes. Martha smiles:
“There is certainly a plus side to this regeneration” she whispers to herself.
The Doctor and Pierre dive in and swim about. Diving down, they spot a series of metal drums on the sea bottom. The Doctor can sea that the drums have corroded and split and a dark liquid is seeping out.
Meanwhile, as Martha & Francoise sit on the deck of the boat they hear a noise and looking out see another boat approaching. They hear a shot and then another and feel a bullet hit the sea close by.
“They’re shooting at us” Martha shouts.
Francoise starts the engine as another bullet hit’s the boat.
“Hang on, the Doctor and Pierre. We can’t leave them” Martha shouts.
They stare down into the water but there is no sign of the boys and another bullet hit’s the boat………..

….. To be continued.

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