Sunday, 25 January 2009

My pitch for an 11th Doctor story: "NEW MORNING" : part 1

OK folks, here is my pitch for a series 5 11th Doctor adventure which I aim to feature a darker tone than the RTD era while still containing the essential lighter interludes which characterise the show. Hopefully Moffat will adopt this approach. I envisage Martha making periodic returns the show so she features in this story, as will Ben & Katie later.


A small fishing village on the cornish coast. The wind is blowing damp air in from the sea as old Jim Andrews examines his crabnets and extracts the last of the crabs. The sun is setting and Jim looks forward to getting home to his wife Annie and a cup of piping hot tea. Suddenly however there is a strange whistling sound coming from the water. Jim shrugs it off and continues to examine his nets. Behind him something emerges from the sea and an arm reaches for Jim. It grabs hold of him as another claw descends and slashes open his throat…………

Martha Jones is walking down the cobbled street of the Cornish village of Little Bampton towards the local Inn, pondering why UNIT had sent her to investigate the strange sightings nearby and disappearances. Since entering into full time investigative work for UNIT in the UK following the events of Journey’s End she had never been so bored by a case. Nothing has happened in the three weeks that she had been in the village and she found the locals distasteful and she suspected some of the older ones were rather prejudiced. Suddenly there is a familiar sound and she sees the TARDIS materialise in front of her. She grins excitedly as the door is flung open:
“DOCTOR……….OH” she shouts as instead of the Doctor, a slip youth with floppy hair emerges, dressed in jeans and a casual jacket.
“Who are you? Wheres the Doctor” she exclaims.
“Hey babe, I’m like the Doctor. I’ve regenerated like. Wow its great to see you again. Wicked!”Martha is perturbed:
“But you’re so….. So much younger.”
“Yay its great to be a kid again. I’m like so gonna get a myspace page. You look great in that jacket babe, I’ve like SO got the hots for you. Hows about we get up close and personal on the TARDIS double bed.”
The Doctor coyly lets his floppy hair descend over his eyes.

Suddenly however there is a scream from the distance.
“Hey that’s coming from the shore. Come on Doctor” Martha shouts, running. The Doctor runs after her, filming the scene on his mobile phone to put on Youtube later.On the shore, Martha finds bloodstains and some torn fabric:
“Oh no. Nothing for three weeks and now this.”
“Never mind babe. Lets get back to the TARDIS and get hot and sticky.”Martha scowls:
“Are you on heat or something? Grow up. Someone has just been killed here.”
Tears well up in the Doctor’s eyes:
“Look if you don’t like me you could just say.”Martha shrugs:
“I’m sorry but…… look I’m not used to your new regeneration that’s all.”
Suddenly there is another scream, this time from behind some beach huts. They run over and are confronted by the sight of a mangled corpse of an old man, its head severed. Something scurries away into the shadows………… be continued

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