Sunday, 25 January 2009


OK here is the second part of this exciting adventure - the debut appearance of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor:


Martha examines the mangled corpse of the old man:
“These claw and teeth marks couldn’t be human. Either this is the result of some kind of leopard or large cat or there is something alien involved.”The Doctor shrugs:
“Yeah whatever. Must be a weevil.”
“But these are not typical weevil wounds Doctor. I’ve seen them.”
“Yeah whatever. I’ll like just take some pics *photographs corpse on his mobile* and then get back to the TARDIS. Sorted.”Martha is puzzled:
“So you can analyse them or something using the computer database there?”
“Nah. I’ve got some mates from facebook coming round for a party like. It’ll be steamin’”
Martha is annoyed:
“Act your damned age! You are not taking this seriously Doctor. What we are going to do is contact the local police and then pay a visit to the local pub to see if we can find out if there are any rumours among the locals as to what is causing this.”
“Oh that’s so unfair!” the Doctor complains, following Martha.

Later the Doctor and Martha enter the local pub, the Goat & Boot. The pub is vibrant and noisy, however it goes completely silent as they walk in, the locals scowling at them. The Doctor is uncomfortable:
“ How comes you ain’t checked out this dive before now?”
“I should have done Doctor, however I thought I could get all my local gossip from the fishermen which came to nothing” Martha replies.The Doctor looks around:
“This place is mingin’”A couple of locals at the bar scowl at him:
“Ere we don’t like your sort around these parts. Layabout students! Get your hair cut.”The Doctor pulls a face at him and the man goes to thump him however the Landlord intervenes:
“Ere now Gus we’ll ‘ave none of that in ere. *addressing Doctor* Now what will you be ‘avin to drink?”
“A double vodka like for me”
“I’ll have a glass of water” Martha adds.

As they sit at a table, a boy and girl in their early 20s approach them
Hi I’m Pierre and this is Francoise. We’re over here from France. We both study Ecology at the Sorbonne. Do you mind if we join you?”
“Yay! Pull up chairs guys.” the Doctor replies. Pierre explains that they are ecology students over here on holiday in the summer break.
“Actually we have.. Whats the English phrase… an ulterior motive. We both belong to Greenpeace and we are over here investigating the operations of the Gastroix Company. They are a major pollutant in France and they are using your coastline to dump their waste. They make GM synthetic rubber and oil. They’ve done a deal with your government to share some of their research if they can dump their waste in your sea.”
The Doctor is bored:
“This is like so boring. How about you guys coming to a party at my place. Its been advertised on face book like.”Martha intervenes:
“Don’t mind him Pierre, he’s not himself at the moment *kicks the Doctor hard in the shins* This is interesting. I’m investigating a series of strange deaths near here.Suddenly the door of the pub flies open and a man staggers in. He is covered in claw marks and his left arm is hanging half severed. He staggers and falls to the floor screaming…………………

…………………. To be continued.

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