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OK, here is part four of this autumnal film synopsis folks:

"FACE OF DEATH" part 4

Ben and Katie arrive at Cambridge's main hospital by car, having been contacted by the police about the latest incident. Poppy Langham had been dragged out of the Cam just in time by a homeless man who witnessed the attack. Ben outlines his fears to Katie:
"I have formulated a theory. I suspect that the killer is none other than this Roger person, the one who founded the amateur theatrical society and who vanished in Cardiff. I suspect that he was taken by the rift."Katie is puzzled:
"Hang on. I recall you discussing the rift with Jack a while back. He said that the rift returned some people but that they were institutionalised in an offshore centre."Ben frowns:
"This is true. But what if this guy wasn't returned as a screaming lunatic but as a psycotic killer who somehow seeks vengeance on his former associates? Anyway, enough of this speculation, lets interview this girl."

They enter the hospital and after a bit of banter with the nurses they are shown into Poppy's private room.
"Hello Poppy. My name is Ben Chatham and this is my associate Katie Ryan."Poppy looks up, dazed:
"Hello..... what happened.... where is Alistair?"Ben takes her hand:
"He's dead. He had his head smashed in with a cleaver. I want your version of events."
Poppy screams and starts crying:
"I...I remember a man... in a mask....he attacked...." She cries uncontrollably:
"Please try to control yourself. Is there anything else you recall about him?" Ben asks:
"His......his.... eyes... through the mask... his eyes were just black. Pure black....."
Poppy starts to cry again. He and Katie decide that Poppy has told them all she knows and leave.
"Where are we going now?"Katie asks.
"I'm phoning Jack and then we're off to visit the Torchwood institution for rift victims."

Meanwhile Craig and Isobel have been sent to interview Jeremy Hogeson again about Roger at the rehearsal room.He lets them in and they walk past rows of costumes, musty smelling things that date back to the 1950s:
"My my, how young you detective people are becoming. Can I offer you a glass of wine my dears?" Hogeson asks.
"No thanks" Craig replies. "Tell us about this Roger dude."
"Oh dear, dear Roger. His full name was Roger DeAnjou. He trained at RADA you know. Roger loved the theatre and had such a passion for expressionist styling."
"Was he a violent man Mr Hogeson?" Isobel asks.
"Roger? Violent? Of course not young woman. How dare you even suggest it. Little trollop!"
Craig glares at him:
"No need to go off on one. I'm like not leaning much from you. We're going"
Craig and Isobel leave, Craig feeling very depressed that the interview didn't go better.

Meanwhile, Kyle has been sent to interview Simon Sandringham in his student rooms in Kings College. Kyle is in awe of the nicely furnished student rooms and shelves full of books.
"You ain't half got a lot of books." Kyle remarks.
"Of course I have, I'm a student at Cambridge. Now what do you want? Oh and please remove your shoes, I don't want soil treading onto the carpet."
"*removing shoes*Can you tell me about this Roger geezer? Anything weird about him?"
"Geezer? Anyway, Roger was a lovely man. If you are suggesting that he could be behind these murders then you are very wrong. Now if thats all you want then please go. Your presence intimidates me."
"'Ang about mate. Don't be like that." Kyle exclaims. Simon is unimpressed:
"I don't have time to dally with your type."
There is a knock on Simon's door. He gets up and opens it to be confronted by a figure in a cloak wearing a clown mask. It lunges at him with a cleaver ,missing his head by an inch. Kyle leaps up to defend Simon and the figure raises the cleaver, aiming straight for Kyle's head.............

.............. to be continued.

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