Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My idea for Doctor Who series 6

OK, presumably Moffat is already planning series 5 and will not want to radically alter the existing format yet. However once the audience is used to a new Doctor & production team, I think it is essential that he experiments with something new. Audiences get bored.
My idea would be for a whole season which is one story - Trial of a Time Lord style - but that this story be one long historical epic. I suggest the Wars of the Roses which is full of drama, romance and shifting allegiances.
I'd do it in 13 parts:

Episode 1: 1450-53. Reign of Henry VI. Loss of the 100 Years War. Quarrels with Richard Duke of York.

Episode 2: 1453-54: Henry goes insane. Richard's quarrels with Margaret of Anjou.

Episode 3: 1454-55: Wars begin: the Battle of St Albans. Death of Somerset.

Episode 4: 1455-59: Isolation of Richard of York. Role of the Nevilles & Warwick the Kingmaker. The Parliament of Devils.

Episode 5: 1459-61: Battle of Wakefield. Death of Richard. Edward iV's victory at Towton.

Episode 6: 1461-70: First reign of Edward IV; Woodville marriage & alienation of Warwick. Warwick's rebellion.

Episode 7: 1470-71: Battles of Barnet & Tewkesbury. Murder of Henry VI in the Tower.

Episode 8: 1471-83: Second reign of Edward IV: Clarence's treachery & execution.

Episode 9: 1483: Death of Edward IV: Role of Richard of Gloucester : usurpation of the Princes.

Episode 10: 1483: Episode devoted to the Doctor trying to save the Princes in the Tower.

Episode 11: 1483-84: Buckingham's rebellion against Richard III

Episode 12: 1484-85: Role of Henry Tudor - planned invasion preparations.

Episode 13: 1485: Battle of Bosworth 22 August 1485. Tudor victory.


Anonymous said...

The problem with this is it's not a DW story - merely a historical backdrop for one.

In your entire 13-episode pitch, you've mentioned the Doctor just once. That leads me to believe you've only got one story to tell here.

Gayson Zulu said...

True, at the moment you've got 12 'Doctor lite' episodes out of 13... considering it is the new doctor's first season, that's pretty ridiculous really!

sparacus said...

The Doctor would be involved in every episode. I've merely posted the episode time periods so far.

Youth of Australia said...

Well go on. Post some more.

It looks like you've ripped it from wikipedia.

No characters, no dialogue, nothing remotely interesting. Why is the Doctor stuck in the War of the Roses? What on Earth can justify thirteen longs weeks of the same tedious no-monster, no-sci-fi nothingness - how you expect to excite people when, news flash, it's a historical. We know how it's going to end.

Your season 4 pitch was of an infinitely higher standard to this drivel. I can honestly say it's your weakest work on this blog.

Or indeed anywhere.

sparacus said...

OK here is an example of what this season could be like. This is a key scene from episode 8 when George Duke of Clarence is summoned before his brother King Edward accused of high treason. The King is faced with the terrible dilemma of whether to execute his own wayward brother:

*a fanfare of trumpets*

King Edward enters, surrounded by members of Parliament, magnates, nobles, the Queen and the Duke of Gloucester. He sits on the throne. The Doctor and Donna are in among the courtiers posing as a priest and Lady respectively. Clarence is brought in by two guards, Rosencrantz & Guildestern. He is disgruntled.

Clarence Unhand me thou foul dogs! *To Edward* I beseech thee dear brother to let me go at once.

King Edward Pray be silent. It pains us greatly to have to read out the charges against ye, our own brother. You are hereby accused of high treason, predicting the early death of your King, accusing the Queen of witchcraft and generally being a pain in the rear end despite being given huge amounts of land to shut you up. How do you plead?

Clarence Not guilty. This is all the Queen's doing. The foul Woodville enchantress has you bewitched. Mind you , you've always been a fool for women. The whole realm knows ye think with your bollocks.

Queen Elizabeth Woodville You see husband? He proves his guilt with his own tongue!

Lord Hastings Thou hast sullied the name of thy King!

King Edward SILENCE! *To Clarence* I ask you brother to refute those comments and plead for mercy. I've no desire to send you to the chopping block.

Clarence No. I am of the blood royal. You however are not our father's son. Our mother had you with an archer called Blaybourne!

King Edward Thou foul boar! False, purjured, fleeting Clarence! Why doest thou spread such lies! Oh, is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to hear thy brother spead lies about you.

Clarence Oh get over yourself!

Meanwhile, the Doctor pulls a bag of popcorn out of his pocket and offers Donna some.

DonnaIts not going well for Clarence is it?

The Doctor Of course not Donna. Don't you read history books? He gets found guilty and executed. However I can't just stand here munching popcorn.

The Doctor steps forward:

The Doctor Sire, lets call a spade a spade. He's as guilty as sin but you don't want to execute your own brother. How about surrendering him into my care and I'll ensure he vanishes without trace. You then start a rumour about him being drowned in a barrel of Malmsey wine and everyone thinks justice has been served.

King Edward Verily this sounds like a good plan.

Queen Elizabeth Woodville Edward, if you want thy oats tonight I suggest that you ignore this priest and execute the villain.

ClarenceI agree with the Queen! I will not be shunted out the way. If I am to die then I wish to die with honour! This wine idea sounds great, I love Malmsey wine.

The Doctor*to Clarence* Shut up man, I'm trying to save you.

ClarenceI do not need the assistance of lowly priests. I am of the blood royal.

King Edward Right. Take him out & drown him in a barrel of wine. *noticing Donna* Who is that comely wench over there? Lovely shape. I think a private audience with her King is in order............. be continued

Youth of Australia said...

Why didn't you edit your 'example' post and put it there?

This blog is a shambles. You can EDIT, remember?!