Thursday, 13 November 2008


Ok folks, here is the next part of this major Doctor Who related film synopsis:


Ben stares at Roger, horrified:
“Oh my God. I’ve sent Craig & Anselm to meet with a killer. But I don’t understand… he appeared apparently normal.”Roger puts his hand on Ben’s shoulder:
“He would do. The dark star affected people in different ways. A short stare into its terrifying depths could leave you in a state of constant screaming, as it did to Jonah down the corridor. However a more prolonged stare had a stranger, more sinister effect. Its as if the very DNA of the person were changed, indeed imbued with something alien. Jeremy could appear to be just like his old self and yet the changes would come. His eyes would change into black opals and a murderous rage come over him….”
Ben is angry:
“So why haven’t you alerted the people here to the threat posed by Hogeson and any others changed in this way and returned?”
“I have dear boy, but they wouldn’t listen.”

Ben storms out of the room in a rage and corners Jack in the corridor:
“You damn fool Harkness! What kind of a pathetic operation are you running here? That man warned you of the dangers posed by Hogeson and others and you’ve just ignored it.”Jack scowls:
“Now hold on a damn minute. This is the first I’ve heard of this. The nurses and staff here are under instructions not to listen to the insane ramblings of the patients.”
Ben points his finger at Jack’s face:
“If Craig or Anselm are in any way hurt as a result of your incompetence, I will use all of my influence to ensure that you are removed from your post.”

Meanwhile, Kyle is escorting Simon Sandringham into Ben’s apartment:
“I still don’t see why the police can’t just guard me in my rooms. I don’t want to sleep in someone else’s abode” Simon complains.
“Its easier and safer all round like if you just kip ‘ere. Now shut your cakehole less you want a knuckle sandwich” Kyle replies tetchily.
As he enters the apartment, Kyle’s mobile rings. It is Ben calling from the island. He fills Kyle in on recent developments. Afterwards Kyle slams shut the phone:
“It seems that your mate Hogeson is the killer. I’ve gotta help Craig and Anselm like. You stay ‘ere.”Simon frowns:
“Jeremy? Don’t be ridiculous.” However Kyle shoots out of the apartment.

Craig and Anselm arrive at Hogeson’s rehearsal theatre and knock on the door. There is no answer . The door is ajar and Anselm gives it a push:
“It is open. Let us perchance to explore inside.”
They walk in and begin to explore the dark, eerie former music hall. There is a musty smell in the air and shabby , moth-eaten costumes lying around. Craig is uneasy:
“I don’t like this at all. I’ve gone all cold like. I want to get out.”Anselm is irritated:
“Please refrain from complaining. I agree that there is something very odd here.”
They explore further and Craig notices something lying in the corner. Thinking it looks like an unusual costume he approaches only to reel back in horror at the sight of a woman’s decapitated body with blood still oozing out of the gaping neck arteries…..

In Wales, Jack is driving Ben & the girls from the dock when Ben spots a private airfield out the window.
“Stop the car!” he demands “We have no time to lose. My father paid for me to have flying lessons when I was a student. We’ll borrow one of those planes and get back quicker.”
Leaping out of the car, Ben rushes up to the airfield, followed by the girls, before Jack can object. Katie is impressed:
“All of this has brought out a new side to you Ben. I’m impressed.”
Ben’s new sense of determination fires him to rush up to an airplane and open the door. Isobel and Katie get in and Ben starts up the engine. As he does so, a man rushes out of a nearby building:
“Hey, what the hell…”Ben grins out of the cockpit window:
“I am only borrowing this. I’m Ben Chatham” before expertly taking off into the clouds.

At the theatre, Craig is being comforted by Anselm when a figure rushes into the room wearing a cloak and clown mask. It raises a cleaver and swings at Craig’s head, missing by only an inch. Anselm grabs at the figure’s arm and knocks the mask off its face. It is Hogeson, his features horribly distorted. His eyes are glowing jet black. He pulls free and raises the cleaver, aiming straight for Anselm’s smooth and high-cheekboned face…..…

……. To be continued

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