Saturday, 15 November 2008


Anyway folks, here is the next part of this film pitch:


Ben, Kyle and Katie have set out to search the riverside, leaving Craig, Isobel and Anselm at the apartment with Simon Sandringham. It is quiet by the Cam, apart from odd throngs of students and bearded down & outs sipping meths on benches. Ben and Kyle are chatting:
“So, how is your mum doing with he rehab programme?” Ben asks.
“Its goin’ well like. She’s been clean for over six months.”
Ben stares at Kyle’s attractive features and feels a pang of sympathy for the tough life that he has had:
“You know you are far too pretty-faced to be a chavboy. I sometimes wonder if you weren’t swapped at birth” Ben says jokingly. He and Katie laugh.Suddenly Kyle spots something in the undergrowth:
“Ere Ben, over there…”Running over he is shocked to see a mutilated corpse. It has been disembowelled and horribly disfigured. Ben rushes over and as he does so his foot sinks into something soft. It is another disembowelled corpse.
“What the hell? Looks like you were right Kyle, this is Hogeson’s work. Damn, its gone all inside my shoe…. Disgusting.”Ben is extremely shocked and upset and Kyle comforts him.
“I think I’m going to be sick. These shoes cost over £600 as well.”

Back at the apartment, Craig is getting bored:
“I don’t see why we have to like just sit here. Its depressing. I’m like so fed up. Why can’t we go to the river and help?”
“Ben told you to stay here so accept it. One does not want to listen to your sulky rambling all evening” Anselm replies, putting on Ben’s DVD of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”.
“We can watch a film.”Craig is unimpressed:
“I don’t want to watch this I want to help Ben and Kyle.”Anselm is annoyed:
“Shut up. You can always furnish yourself with a bath if you prefer and wash off some of that awful gothic makeup.”Isobel steps in:
“Excuse me Anselm. Craig chooses to express himself through his appearance. That is his choice to make.”Simon Sandringham looks up:
“Well I agree with Anselm. Such foolish teenage fads are common in state school pupils and are part of the reason that they underachieve.”Craig has had enough and stands up:
“Well you watch this ****e then but me and Isobel are like going to help Ben. And you can’t stop us!”Craig and Isobel get up and leave, Anselm feeling annoyed and perturbed.

Back at the riverside, Ben , Kyle and Katie have reported the bodies and are searching further up the river:
“He won’t still be here and this is pointless” Katie exclaims.Suddenly Ben sees a cloaked figure in front on them:
“I think you’ve just spoken too soon” Ben exclaims.The figure turns around and stares. It is Hogeson without the mask, his eyes black and unearthly, his mouth twisted in a strange sneer.Hogeson runs at them, pulling a huge lump of wood from behind his back. Kyle leaps at him, trying to wrestle the wood from his hand, however Hogeson pulls free and swipes Kyle around the head, knocking him out. He then strikes Katie, sending her sprawling into the stinging nettles. Turning towards Ben, he drops the wood and pulls a knife from beneath his cloak. Slowly he closes in…………

.……… be continued.

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