Thursday, 13 November 2008


OK, here is the next part of this dark thriller folks:


A crazed Hogeson raises the cleaver and aims for Anselm’s face. However the door bursts open and Kyle grabs Hogeson’s arm just in time. He slams it against the wall, knocking the cleaver free and punches Hogeson in the teeth. The latter is possessed by the strength of the insane and wrestles free, kneeing Kyle in the groin. He runs out , Kyle in hot pursuit, however he disappears into the night, giving Kyle the slip.

In the plane, way above the clouds, Ben is staring out the window at the blue sky .
“Aren’t those clouds down there beautiful? Its incredible how free flying makes you feel. Down below us are all the dull, dreary people busy at their mundane jobs and small soap-style lives” Ben muses. Katie frowns:
“Well I’m finding this seat uncomfortable. Hurry up and get us to Cambridge.”
However Isobel smiles:
“Oh I think I know what Ben means Katie. We have risen above the corruption and routine of life on this world. Look out of the window at the fresh blue sky. Here is honesty and truth. I wish Craig was here.”
Eventually the plane reaches Cambridge and Ben brings it down, making a skilled landing in a park by the river. Several police cars arrive, however Ben shows the armed police his new Operation Delta ID card and after a few disgruntled exchanges the police agree to drive them to the rehearsal theatre. Here they find Craig, Kyle & Anselm pondering recent events:
“Thank God you’re all ok. Where is Hogeson?” Ben asks.Anselm looks up:
“Kyle relieved him of his weapon and gave chase, however he escaped.”
“Well done Kyle!”Kyle smiles:
“The **** kneed me in the bollocks like but I smacked him in the gob first.”
Craig is sitting in the corner, pouring out his feelings into a poem. Ben glances over his shoulder:

We drift alone through kicks and punches
Battered by the bricks of life,
Down down we fall
Until we moulder in our graves

“Craig, please stop writing that morbid verse. Isobel is here!” Ben exclaims.Craig looks up and then moves over to Isobel and they embrace.

Later they return to Ben’s apartment to plan their next course of action:
“OK, it is unlikely that Hogeson will return to the theatre now he knows we are on to him. Which means that he is prowling around Cambridge at large. From what Kyle has said, I suspect that the psychotic part of his personality is now in full control. We must literally hunt him down before he kills again. Any ideas?”Anselm looks up:
“One presumes that he will be looking for Simon here, the last of his theatre group left. Shall we forthwith furnish him as bait?”Ben frowns:
“Too risky. Simon stays here.”
Katie pours herself another vodka:
“Just let the police deal with it for Christ’s sake.”However Kyle has a different view:
“Apart from his theatre mates like, he has done in a student by the river. Why don’t we check out the riverside paths in case he returns there like .”Katie tuts:
“Bloody stupid idea!”However Ben disagrees:
“Well in the absence of any other ideas, I suggest we follow Kyle’s proposal.”

Meanwhile, by the side of the Cam, two students, Clive Motram & Nick Weatherby are walking arm in arm:
“This evening air is so enchanting. We’ll find a place to sit and enjoy the strawberries & cream that I’ve brought with us” Clive says:Suddenly Hogeson leaps out of the bushes and pulls out a knife, plunging it into Clive’s neck……………

.……………to be continued.

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