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Ok, here is the next part of this chilling film project folks:


The figure raises the cleaver high and lunges for Kyle’s head. Kyle just manages to duck out of the way in time as the cleaver comes down , hitting him only a glancing blow, and thuds into the side of a bookcase. The figure in the mask yanks it free however Kyle manages to grab a paperweight:
“Yeah you want some mate? Well check this!”
Kyle lobs the paperweight at the figure which just manages to duck out the way and runs out of the room. Kyle gives chase as it bounds across the neatly trimmed lawns of King’s College however he starts to feel dizzy. The glancing blow has caused mild concussion and Kyle collapses onto the grass.

Meanwhile, Ben has called a meeting of the rest of his team in his apartment with the intention of discussing recent events. He pours himself a glass of Rioja and the others help themselves to drinks and food from the spread Ben has laid on. Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture’ concert DVD is showing on the high definition TV behind him:
“You know, a lack of appreciation of David Bowie is one of the greatest failings in the teenagers of today…” he muses, much to the annoyance of Craig who scowls.
“Anyway, enough of this *switching off TV* lets get down to the business of the case. Anselm, how was this Emily woman when you left her house?”
“Fine, she was retiring early for the night. One could see that she was a strange old lady who needs her sleep.” Anselm replies.Ben moves on:
“Ok, now as I see things, the next step is to find out as much as we can about what happens to those who are taken by the rift. I’ve texted Jack and he’s agreed to a visit to their institution in the Bristol Channel for the victims of the rift. Katie, you can drive me there tonight, so go easy on the rioja.”Craig looks up:
“Can me and Isobel come? She does after all have experience of Torchwood institutions” Craig asks.Ben frowns:
“Isobel only. I need you & Anselm to go round to see Hogeson again and probe him for more information.”

A short while later, Ben & the girls are driving towards Wales, where Jack has laid on a boat to the Island.
“So Isobel, what was your stay in the Hub like?” Katie asks.
“I’d rather not think about that now. I’m just pleased to be out of there and adjusted to your world.”
“Did you sleep with Jack at all or Ianto?” Katie continues:
“Er no. Why would I? I’m with Craig.”
“Surely you want something a bit more mature than that sulky kid.”Ben is irritated:
“Leave her alone Katie and concentrate on the road.”Katie scowls while Ben offers Isobel his hand. She takes it and gently sings Michael Jackson’s ‘Ben’ to him.

Eventually they arrive at the queyside. Jack is waiting with a boat and they set sail. Arriving on the island, they are shown by Jack to a bleak, desolate asylum where Torchwood keeps those that the rift returns. The paint is crumbling from the walls and there are terrifying screams emanating from the rooms. A nurse shows Ben & the girls into a cell with the name ‘Jonah’ on the board by the door:
“Jonah is currently having a period of stability. However you will need to be quick as he screams incessantly for most of the day” she explains.Inside the cell they meet an obese and badly scarred man who gets up to greet them.
“Jonah, my name is Ben Chatham. I would like to explain a little about what happened to you when you were taken by the rift” Ben says. Jonah thinks for a while and then speaks:
“I woke up on a burning planet. A rescue ship saved me but I was left like this, deformed. There were many ships trying to escape from the planet. As we left that part of the galaxy we had to pass by a dark star. Some of us looked out of the windows…. It was terrible. Like a hand was reaching into my mind, tearing out my soul. All I could hear was screaming…. Screaming…..”
“And was everyone affected the same way by this?” Ben asks.
“Oh no. For some, like me, the screaming never left them. Others became violent…. Murderous. Some died……”Suddenly Jonah began to shake and the nurse ushered them out before he began a long, piercing and unearthly scream.

In the corridor, Ben turned to the others:
“It is as I thought. This Roger guy was clearly affected in a different way by his experiences than the others. It turned him into a psychotic killer. In whats left of his twisted brain he clearly sees his old friends as enemies.”As they are leaving the grim asylum, Katie notices one of the nameplates by a room.
“Ben, I think you ought to be aware of this.” She points to the nameplate, which says:“ROGER”. “You have a Roger here?” Ben asks the nurse.
“Oh yes. Would you like to chat to him as well? He should be stable at the moment”
They open the door and Ben sees a middle-aged man , unscarred by burning.
“Are you the Roger who founded a theatrical society in Cambridge? Why aren’t you burned?”Roger looks up:
“Yes dear boy. Please come closer, it is a long time since I saw such a delicate, beautiful face. There is so little beauty here. Not all of us were scarred, some were rescued before the planet burned. Jeremy wasn’t burned either. Poor Jeremy. Looking into the dark star made him violent…terribly violent.”Ben is angry:
“What? Hogeson was with you? Also taken by the rift?”
“Yes he was, dear boy. Fortunately we were returned to this world very quickly. Not like poor Jonah down the corridor who took forty years to get home.”
Ben is extremely agitated:
“Oh my God. Hogeson is the killer! And I’ve sent Craig and Anselm round there……………..”

…………….. To be continued.

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