Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Ghosts of Weatherfield: part 4 (Enhanced draft)

Ben and Katie have met up with the Doctor and Donna in Roy Cropper's cafe following the bus incident.
"What the hell are these things Doctor?" Donna asks.
"Dunno. I don't think they're breaking through from another dimension however just what is behind all this is unclear."
"But you must have a theory" Ben probes.
The Doctor looks serious:
"Well there have been reports from space vessels, transport ships usually, travelling through the outer reaches of this solar system, of energy entities of some kind permeating into the ship. The entity has a slight orange glow but when it collides with the ship it seems to vanish. Shortly afterwards ghostly figures appear of crewmen or passengers who have died on the ship."
"And then what happens?" Donna asks.
"Oh well, then everyone dies, wiped out by the force which has now focused itself into the form of an apex manifestation , meaning the body of the most aggressive or violent of the original deceased . This then vanishes and the entity moves on, enlarged."
Katie sips her coffee nervously:
"So you think that a creature of pure energy is here in this street feeding off the energy ripples left by the lives of the dead and then gorging on the energy of the living through killing?"
The Doctor frowns: "Well I wouldn't use the term 'creature' as such, but yes."

They sit in silence for a while before the Doctor suggests that they split into two groups again:
"Me and Donna need to return to the TARDIS. There is some energy dissipation equipment in there that could be useful. Ben and Katie ; have another scout around, see if you can get anymore information."

Walking along the cobbles again, Ben and Katie see the police and ambulances dealing with the aftermath of the bus fire. A small crowd of locals has gathered round. As they approach, Norris Cole runs up to them faffing his arms around:
"Hey you two, did you see what happened? I've heard you saw everything."
"You look like the sort of anal gossip who could be of use to us" Ben comments.
"Now hold on a minute, I'm not going to stand here and be insulted..."
However Katie puts a seductive arm on his shoulders:
"Oh come now, forgive my tactless associate. All we'd like is some info on when this ghost business started."
"Oh well, it started at the factory with strange noises and old ladies being seen."
"And also, is there any particularly violent person who has lived on this street and is now deceased?" Ben adds.
"Oh yes. Have you not heard of Richard Hillman, the serial killer? He lived over there with Gail Platt *gestures*. Horrible man. Killed his wife he did & battered poor Maxine Peacock to death."
"Thankyou" Ben replies, "that may be of great help."

Walking on, Ben sees Ryan and Alex having another argument in the street.
"... and I'm not coming home until you've gone. She's my mum. You're just a spoilt brownoser" Ryan shouts.
Ben steps up:
"*to Alex* Its Alex isn't it? Here , have a Fox's Glacier Mint *offers packet*"
Alex takes a mint and pops it into his mouth, his mind enveloped by cascading colours. Ben turns to Ryan:
"You however can't have one". They walk on.
Suddenly Ben hears shouting and turning round he sees Rita Sullivan running screaming from a little newsagents called 'The Kabin'. She is followed by Norris who is shouting:
"Its Dirk, its Dirk, he's back from the dead."
In the shop doorway, the figure of Derek Wilton appears. It stops and looks towards Ben and Katie. Light beams emenate from its vacant eyes and shoot straight towards them........

......... to be continued.


Bernie Fishnotes said...

Nice to see my suggestion has been of some use...

Youth of Australia said...

Oh? What suggestion's that?

sparacus said...


I suspect that he is referring to the suggestion that Ben should have probed Norris for information rather than just telling him to go away. I listen to such advice and constructive criticism.

Youth of Australia said...

Yes... well, it seems even you are capable of learning the odd thing.

I heard there was a different sequence about Katie being attacked by a mad dog. Was that in the 'unenhanced' version?

Scyther Slitheen said...

Much better, there actully doing what The Doctor asked them to do, and you removed that really unessisary scean with the dog and katies brests :)

Still dont undstand why he is rude to Ryan, but I gusse thats just his charater to be randomly rude to people

Youth of Australia said...

He always has been, check out Jared's archive for proof. The thing about Ben is he doesn't like anyone unless they are men with certified educational excellence.

Let's hope he never finds the Doctor is a uni drop out, huh?

Anonymous said...

"You can't have a fox glacier mint because the writer hates you and the writer always writes what he agrees with and nothing else! SIEG HIELL!"