Sunday, 23 March 2008

Current thoughts on Coronation Street:

1) This David Platt business is dragging on far too long. They need to bring it to a head and have him locked up or something.

2) The whole Paul/Leanne/restaurant thing is a very dull storyline and the upcoming insurance scam thing is very predictable.

3) Michelle will be left with no sons at all at this rate. While Ryan's away with Nick she should move Alex back in!


Leonard Hatred said...

1. Agree. It must be time for Corrie to actually write some sort of punishment for the spawn of Satan himself, Davey Boy Platt.

2. Agree. The "let's set fire to this building for the insurance money" storyline has been done to death in the soaps. It's difficult to care what happens to that Italian restaurant, though.

3. Disagree. Alex is a creepy little bastard & should be written out Alan Bradley-stylee (a tram or something should squash him)!

sparacus said...

1) The easiest way to get rid of him is have Gail throw him out & he go and live with Martin.

2) Irs been a dull and rather pointless storyline from day one.

3) Alex is a likeable, mixed-up lad with huge potential as a character.

Leonard Hatred said...

In regards to David going to live with Martin, in real life that might be the solution, but unfortunately this is the world of soap opera, governed by actors` contracts, & if the lad who plays David (forgot his name, Jack something...?) has no intention of leaving the show, & the producers don't intend to axe him, then I'm afraid Weatherfield & us viewers will be stuck with him for the forseable future