Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Ghosts of Weatherfield : part 2

Anyway, here is the next part of this adventure:

part 2

In the TARDIS, the Doctor briefs Ben and Katie:
"There have been reports of supernatural phenomena concentrated on an area in Manchester called Weatherfield. Ghosts to be precise, just outlines shaped like people. Now if you remember last time that happened....."
Ben is puzzled:
"You think it could be Cybermen again? But you told me it couldn't happen again, that nothing could break through from that dimension any more."
The Doctor frowns:
"Oh I dunno. I'd say it can't, but this is a mystery and I've an uneasy feeling about it."

Meanwhile in Weatherfield, at number 13, Sally Webster is preparing for work:
"Sophie, get down these stairs now, you'll be late for school."
Sophie Webster appears dressed for school:
"Bye mum" she casually says, leaving the house and slamming the door.
"What about your breakfa..... oh never mind" Sally exclaims, pouring herself a quick tea. Suddenly she hears someone else coming downstairs:
"Kevin, is that you? I thought you and Rosie had gone."
She rushes into the living room and is horrified to see a featureless shape in front of her. It begins to take shape and condense into the form of..... Stan Ogden!Sally shrieks and drops the tea as the entity grins before slowly dissolving.Sally gives another shriek and rushes out into the street.

The TARDIS lands in Rosamund Street and The Doctor, Donna, Ben and Katie emerge.
"Ok lets split into two groups" the Doctor instructs:
"Me and Donna will try the factory where many of the main sightings are reported to have been seen, while Ben and Katie, you cover the rest of the street, see if theres a pub or a shop."
Ben and Katie walk along chatting, Katie still concerned about Kyle:
"Right now I'd imagine he's texting his mates to come round and raid your bar area."
"Oh give it a rest Katie will you *looking around* what a run down dump."
"Its pretty grim certainly, I've never been to Manchester." Katie adds.
"Me neither. As far as I'm concerned the north of England is just somewhere you have to pass through on your way to holidays in Scotland."

Turning the corner, they find themselves on Coronation Street.
"Oh cobbles. How quaint." Ben observes.
Walking along they see Jamie & Violet with the baby arguing about leaving:
"Look if we don't leave now Sean will never leave you alone." Jamie is saying:
"Well I'd certainly leave here if I were you." Katie adds as she passes them.
Further down the street, they see Ryan and Alex having an argument:
"Nobody wants you here Alex. Mums giving you all the attention. Go off to your poxy private school. She's my mum not yours." Ryan shouts.
They grapple and Ben runs up, pushing them apart:
"Excuse me now pack that in *turning to Ryan* look, seeing as this lad, Alex I think you said, goes to a proper school and you clearly don't, its only natural that your mother wishes to lavish more attention on him than you. Deal with it."
Steve MacDonald, sitting in his taxi, overhears this and gets out:
"Who the flaming heck are you? Don't talk to Ryan like that!"
"Thankfully the day that I have to take advice from taxi drivers has not yet arrived" Ben replies and he and Katie walk on and into the Rovers.They walk up to the bar, where Liz MacDonald is serving:
"Hello, we'd like two absinthes please" Ben says.
"Yer what? Absinthe?" Liz replies puzzled:"Er yes absinthe. Is there a problem?" Ben says.
Katie whispers to Ben:
"Talk about mutton dressed as lamb".Liz is annoyed:
"Well we don't sell that here and I heard that lady. Anymore of that and you can get out."
Katie is annoyed but Ben intervenes:
"Don't rise to it Katie *to Liz* Look, we're here to investigate the ghost sightings."

As they chat to Liz, Michelle Connor is in the back room applying lipstick in front of the mirror. Suddenly she catches something in the mirror behind her. She spins round terrified to see an amorphous grey form behind her. Slowly the entity takes shape into the form of
...... Annie Walker.
"W.. w..what are you? Wha..What do you want?" Michelle stammers. The entity smiles, sedately yet firmly:
"I bring you death my dear......" be continued.


Anonymous said...

What about parts 3&4?

Love the Rickett vids

sparacus said...

Thanks. The 'I Breathe Again' video always refreshes me.
Parts 3, 4 and 5 will be posted shortly. Part 5 will be the climax of the story.