Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Doctor Who Battles in Time: "Ultimate Monsters" series

I must say that I've never bothered with these cards before, however the ultimate monsters set features a range of enemies from the classic series and is well worth collecting.
And a Torchwood set is out in April.


Andrew said...

What's well worth collecting about them?

Youth of Australia said...

And more importantly why is "lemon bloody cola" leaving comments on my blog like:

Sparacus has deleted all my love messages from his blog.

I'm heartbroken. I love him.


Don't get me wrong Spara, your blog, you do what you want, I just don't like dealing with your lovelorn stalkers...

Leonard Hatred said...

Apparently LBC's girlfriend gave him an ultimatum recently: quit harping on about Spara & Shatham & stop using the internet, or I'll leave you (again).

Looks like the Lemony One is logging off behind his poor bird's back. Tut tut.

I don't know what motivates people like that, really. I bet LBC's lady is a lovely lass, yet Cola is, perhaps unknowingly, sabotaging his own relationship because of his weird obsession with Spara.

Youth of Australia said...

Hmmm. That makes sense of what he told me... I thought it was bullshit, but if you say so, LH.

I therefore quote the other comments he made on my blog before I deleted them:

Please don't reject me and delete me like my beloved Sparacus did.

All I have left now is my long-suffering girlfriend, who has threatened to
leave me once again should I continue professing my love for the creator of
the greatest character in Who fandom, Ben Chatham.

I'm so confused. Don't turn your back on me like everybody else has. Woe is

I posted a message at the Outpost Gallifrey to throw my girlfriend off the
scent. If she discovered Sparacus` blog (which, God willing, she never will),
that'd be it for me and her.

I'm on my last chance, you see. I'm now only using the internet at short
intervals behind her back, as I made her a promise that I'd give up all this
Spara worship and focus on our rocky relationship.

But she can't keep tabs on me all day, every day, can she? The OG post in the
'Crystal' thread was to throw her off the scent, as I know she logs into my OG
account regularly to see if I've been obsessing over Sparacus.

I feel like a cheat, like a user. I think I need help.

Yeah... I'm creeped out too.

Leonard Hatred said...


That Lemon fella has some SERIOUS problems.

Take all sorts on t`internet, eh?

Youth of Australia said...

Thank god there're normal people out there too. People... like us!

Scyther Slitheen said...

But IMO, nothing really beats the NS monsters!

Colin said...

"Battles in Time"? Pah.

If you want a decent Doctor Who CCG, then the one I'm involved with has been mixing classic and new "Who" since summer 2005.

And it's a far better rules system - in fact, the only thing BiT has over it is that it actually, y'know, exists...