Sunday, 2 March 2008

Outakes/Deleted Scenes Exclusive: The Ghosts of Weatherfield

As a blog extra, here is the deleted 'Mad-Dog' sequence from part 4 of 'The Ghosts of Weatherfield'. It takes place between the following lines:

"You however can't have one" They Walk on

Suddenly Ben hears shouting........

As they walk on, a large lollopy dog suddenly appears and rushes up to Katie, putting its paws on her breasts and licking her face with its large, wet, sloppy tongue.
"Ugghh owww Ben, get it off me...." Katie pleads. Ben grins:
"I expect its a fair while that someone fondled your breasts with such passion."
Katie's elbow shoots out and hammers into Ben's side.
Meanwhile Kirk appears and comes running up.
"Are you the owner of this mutt? Get it off me" Katie shouts at him.
"Sorry, sorry. Schmichael is only being friendly" Kirk replies.
"Look you obvious learning difficulties case, get this beast off me immediately" Katie demands.
Kirk pulls Schmichael away , looking dejected and hurt.


Scyther Slitheen said...

Im glad you ditched this scean, its just silly :)

If the GOW was more comidic, maby it could work with some small ajustments...

Youth of Australia said...

Yes, well I asked, so it's my own fault. But thanks, Spara, for uploading it at request.

I think I can see why it was changed...